Gothic Gardening – Single purchase – Box 16


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Another ultimate best seller the Gothic Gardening Box is perfect for anyone just getting started in the garden. Each box contains a set of 6 adorable Gravestone Herb Markers, a bright purple tool pouch with embroidered filigree spider in a web design which will be so handy for holding your garden secateurs, small pruning scissors, pencil, notebook or mobile phone when pottering about in the garden. A wooden envelope template for creating personalised seed packets for cataloguing and storing your favourite seeds, an adorable roll of watercolour mushrooms tape for journaling and crafting (also great for sealing your seed packets once filled!) A small flower press for making beautiful keepsakes from collected leaves and flowers from walks or from your own garden. An elegant Victorian inspired accessory of a hand holding a rose, taken from my own illustrations and custom made in to a high quality pin,  you will also receive a beautiful glass heart wish pendant holding a dandelion seed, a super cute Toadstool patch for sewing on to clothing or a bag and of course a hand crafted gourmet lollipop!